Top 3 London attractions

Top 3 London attractions

A tour to London wouldn’t be finished without seeing these top 3 attractions. Make a point to tick these finish things to find in London off your rundown. From London Eye, to tower bridge or Buckingham royal residence, the main 3 spots in London are an unquestionable requirement see on any London touring trip. Far better, many of  London tourist spots are free to visit. here are our top 3 must see attractions,

London eye

London Eye is a noteworthy component of London’s horizon.  located in very central point , so many other attractions are just on walking distance from London eye. It brags some of  London’s best Views from its 32 capsules, each holding up to 25 individuals. Move on board for a stunning background, with an exceptional viewpoint of more than 55 of London’s most famous places. it only takes 30 minutes to complete once you are on board 

Tower Bridge

Tower bridge is one of the must see attraction in london. Finished in 1894, Tower bridge was immediately hailed as a London symbol and engineering wonder. you could get a ticket and go to the Victorian Motor Rooms to find out about the internal operations and enjoy view from the top of the tower bridge. tower bridge is very touristy place. you could walk on either side of river in walkways to get the best view of tower bridge. there are plenty of other attractions nearby.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace is one of the most popular places in London and a must see for any tourist, this historic palace is the official London residence of the Queen. Buckingham palace is open to public during the summer. Visit the excessive State Rooms. Buckingham Royal residence is available to visitors from 20 July until 29 September. 

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